Hockey the way it was meant to be played.


Located in Mammoth Lakes, California, the Mammoth Ice Rink is the highest outdoor rink west of the Rockies.  The rink sits at 7986' above sea level and is the only outdoor hockey rink in California.  The rink offers stick time, pick up hockey, the MHL (beer league) and is home to the Mammoth Stars Youth Hockey Team


TUESDAY 11/17/2020

CURRENT CONDITIONS:  11/19/2020:  Tuesday and Wednesday the high country got 4-5 inches of snow but access is still available if you are willing to earn your ice.  Big winds and snow Tuesday night broke up or covered some lakes. Those that are open water will refreeze but not overnight. Be careful. All lakes are not the same. Wind and sun play big part.  

The typical back country ice starts early November and can last a few days to a few weeks. You have heard the term earn your turns when it comes to skiing but this is about earning your ice time.  Nothing like the crisp mountain air, beautiful surroundings, and the sound of skates slicing through the clearest ice you will ever skate on.  This is hockey in the Sierra.   



California Pond Hockey